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  • If it's your first time donating, click on the first time link. You will then enter your e-mail address and a secure password that only you will know.
  • For security reasons, the first time only you must then go to your email account, open the corresponding link, that will bring you back and enable you to sign-in to the online giving site. 
  • Once at the site, you will log-in with your new password you just set up. You will then be taken to a secure site to make your private contribution.
  • After your first time, you will be able to log-in with your email and secure password using the link above each time. Thank you for your contribution to the Lord's work. 

"Giving is NOT an option, a thank you to God, an insurance policy for divine blessing, or an easy investment plan. Neither is it an addendum to time and talents. Giving is WORSHIP! Healthy, liberated, obedient, joyful, selfless, honest worship." The Rt. Rev. Dr. Terence Kelsha