Violet Larry
  • Greeter Team—Offer a sincere greeting and acknowledge every person attending Sharon.  
  • Hospitality Team—Provide refreshments and interact with each person at Sharon. 
  • Info Team—Share helpful information, clear directions, and appropriate next steps with guests. 
  • Parking Team—Create an incredible first impression for people by offering a safe, easy parking experience with a high-energy welcome and clear directions.
  • Greeter Team—Welcome guests and offer assistance to make engaging with the service both easy and distraction-free. 
  • Prep Team—Prepare the building and seats in the auditorium to eliminate distractions and show people we were expecting them.
  •  Sharon Online Team—Create a welcoming environment for guests as they attend church digitally. Pray with them, lead them in conversation, and answer questions throughout the service, all while attending online.




Violet Larry