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Prayer Request Form

Our community of faith cares about you! We believe prayer is a way for people of faith to be people of love. Submit your prayer request using the provided form.

NOTE: Please verify that you have the permission to share any confidential information before submitting requests. If in doubt, make your request but leave out any identifying information about people and their conditions.

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Please Pray with Us

I request prayers for my job search. It’s been hard finding work, and I need guidance and opportunities to support my family.

Please pray for our community’s safety and unity. Let’s ask for peace and understanding among all our neighbors during these challenging times.

I need prayers for my health. I have been feeling unwell lately and am waiting for test results. Pray for good news and strength to face whatever comes.

Please pray for my grandmother, who is in the hospital. We hope for her speedy recovery and strength for our family during this tough time.

I’m asking for prayers for my upcoming exams. I feel very nervous and need confidence and focus to do well. Thank you for your support.

Could you please pray for my friend’s family? They recently lost their home in a fire and need comfort, hope, and resources to rebuild their lives.

Prayer Resources

70-Days of Prayer

Join us for a powerful journey of life-giving devotional and prayer for the next 70-days. Text the word HopeToday to 503-287-7649 to get started today!

Weekly Prayer Time

Join the church at prayer and Bible study wherever you are in the world every Monday at 12:00 noon. Just dial 360-602-2931

Personal Prayer Guide

Discover how to transform your prayers from a chore to something you really enjoy by using the blueprint that Jesus used for making prayer a lifestyle. Click here to download your free guide.